Published February 27, 2018


Warm Up:
3 Rounds
KB Swing x 15
Ring Row x 10
Push Up Through x 5



Wod 1: Strength/ Endurance

18 min cap to complete or get as far as you can. Try your best to not scale the weight. Use the wts provided, if you can, and work up to the heaviest wt in the progression. If you finish, then record time. If not, record where you stopped based on cap or on weight. Keep these strict, no Push Press! Feel free to break the sets to complete the work, but don't rest too long or you will run out of time.
Strict Press x 10,9,8,7...1
Row x 200m after each set, including 1.
Start at 85/60, and add 5lbs/2.5lbs each side/set
10 (85/60)
9 (95/65)
8 (105/70)
7 (115/75)
6 (125/80)
5 (135/85)
4 (145/90)
3 (155/95)
2 (165/105)
1 (175/110)

Wod 2:
3 Rounds of Tabata (:20/:10) with 1 min rest btwn rds
A) Plate Push Ups (45s/25s)
B) Russian Twists with Plate
C) Pull Ups
*Score is lowest number of reps for each Tabata

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