Kate Kozicki

Published August 16, 2017

A CrossFitter since 2012, Kate has obtained her L1 certificate in 2016. Kate has always had a completive background, she played volleyball for her high school and competitive team. Standing tall at 5’2 Kate’s volleyball career quickly ended after high school, with her competitive heart she played rugby at Oklahoma State University. After college Kate started running with the goal to complete a marathon. While training for her first half a friend introduced her to CrossFit and quickly gave up the daily long runs and started lifting barbells at 918 CrossFit in Tulsa, OK. After 2 years in Tulsa Kate finally moved down to Houston to be with her other half Tyler and joined CrossFit Roughnecks in 2014. CFR is a huge part of Kate’s life, members made it an easy transition after moving and made her feel right at home. When Kate is not at CFR she works as a Senior Geologist for a startup oil and gas company.

You can find Kate at the evening classes and on Saturday, most likely wearing her Birkes. From Kate “CrossFit is a passion of mine, it allows you to put yourself out of your comfort zone and see what you are really capable of. You can surprise yourself with the things your body can do, if you try. I love to see people get PRs because there’s no better feeling like a PR big or small, it makes all the sweat, tears, and ripped hands worth it.” Kate loves thrusters and hates wearing shoes.

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