Stephen Brown

Published August 16, 2017

Stephen (token Scotsman) joined CrossFit Roughnecks in December 2015 and has been coaching since 2016 with certificates from the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course.  The first time Stephen saw CrossFit was in 2011 and just thought it was for crazy people.  Stephen was finally persuaded to try his first CrossFit workout in early 2013 while seconded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and was crushed under a barrage of Thrusters, Clean and Jerks and miserable smog and humidity.  To this day thrusters are Stephen’s arch nemesis and you can hear him give a little whimper whenever they are programmed.  His favourite movements are gymnastic movements, especially Bar Muscle Ups and Handstand Push Ups.  Stephen loves a Hero WoD or anything that involves horrible sweaty suffering, just no thrusters or overhead squats please.  His favourite WoD is “Helen”.


Stephen’s attempt at forging a professional sports career started in Aberdeen, Scotland, with Football (Soccer) and Cross-Country Running.  By the age of 11 he decided that he would give Rugby more attention and represented several amateur teams in Scotland; Robert Gordon’s College, Lismore RFC, Gordonians RFC, Dundee High FP RFC and Mackie FP RFC.  Stephen finally gave up the dream and ‘retired’ in 2016 following two seasons with Houston’s own HURT RFC.  His other sporting passions include Squash, Rockclimbing, Snowboarding and Mountain Biking (yet to find any mountains in Houston).


Outside of fitness and sport, Stephen enjoys getting outdoors with his wife and fellow Roughnecker Claudia and lovable, friendly (won’t jump all over you) Labrador, Skye.  To afford all the beers and milk consumed, Stephen works in the Oil & Gas industry as a Chemical Engineer and specialises in formatting spreadsheets.


Not so interesting fact about Stephen; He has an identical twin who basically hates exercise but loves beer (1/2 isn’t bad).  So if you ever see me around town and I ignore you, it’s probably Robert or it could be me and I’m just ignoring you.

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