Eric Kristiansen

Published August 6, 2014

A CrossFitter since 2011, Eric has obtained his L1, CrossFit Endurance and Olympic Lifting certificates.  Eric is a former collegiate soccer player who turned to rugby so he could pick up the ball and tackle people, two things he had never previously experienced in sports.  After a series of soccer-related knee injuries later in life, Eric took up boxing, which he pursued for several years before discovering CrossFit.  CrossFit Roughnecks is a big part of Eric's family life, his wife is also a member of the gym and together they are busy raising three little girls to be future Roughnecks.  In his remaining time, Eric is a partner in the Houston office of a national law firm.

Coach E is a regular during morning classes and on Saturdays.  From Coach E:  “I love coaching in the morning because it is a chance to promote some optimism before a hectic or stressful work day.  If I had a coaching philosophy, it would be for everyone to (1) enjoy the experience of being a Roughneck; and (2) establish a foundation of safe movements and sound mechanics, which together will pay huge dividends in terms of personal gains.  From a coaching perspective, I would say in at least one respect I am unique:  I am old and have had my share of catastrophic sports injuries.  So, I find that I pay extra attention to folks coming from that type of background or with those types of experiences.”  

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