Published September 10, 2015

Chad joined CrossFit Roughnecks in the spring of 2012 and has been coaching since 2014 with certificates from the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course and Movement & Mobility Trainer Course.  As one of many Roughnecks spending long daytime hours trapped in front of a computer screen, his favorite training topics are (by necessity) mobility, recovery, and nutrition.

​Chad's athletic background started with high school football in small-town Texas, where he played various lineman positions with a 5'10" frame and 310 pounds pounds of pure, unadulterated, eat-your-teenage-angsty-feelings bleh. By 2012, lots of weight â€‹had vanished, but too many desk hours left much to be desired in life beyond the office. The memory of Chad's first WOD that spring does not exist because that brain space is occupied by the vibrant recollection of almost hurling for 20 minutes afterward. It was terribly amazing.

If forced to battle Satan for souls with just one movement, Chad would pick double-unders
​ and hope that Satan doesn't fancy overhead squats. Fran and Grace vie for the top spot in Chad's love for the Girls; Isabel is the uber-confident Girl at the bar that Chad is â€‹always afraid to strike up a conversation with.​  Saturday team workouts and the occasional CFR throwdown with a neighboring box are favorites as well.
Outside of the gym, Chad enjoys wilderness adventures with his wife​, honing the culinary arts of [animal] + [fire], and throwing toys for his dog Tesla.  To pay for gym shorts and his silly Vibrams, Chad practice​s​ law as a civil appellate specialist with a Houston litigation boutique. 
In advice for newcomers​, Chad​ â€‹emphasizes the most helpful tips he's learned from CrossFit about daily life:(​1​) Eat well by keeping it simple â€‹(meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar​) and don't fret about well-earned indulgences​; (2​) â€‹Sleep as though your ability to be a â€‹fully-functioning â€‹person depends on it​ -​​ because it does, even if you're too macho to admit it and especially​ if you're burning the candle from both ends​. (3)​ Start spending 10 minutes on mobility every day; 70-year-old-you that can stand up without assistance will appreciate it.

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