Leaders in Inspiration.

Published September 30, 2014

This is my challenge to everyone...be a leader in inspiration!  

What the heck does that mean, you ask?  Challenge yourself with the idea that others will be inspired and join in.  So often we get caught up in our own little world that we forget other people in our life are following our lead.  My belief is that everyone wants to be healthier, work out, eat better, and generally get out and experience life.  The sad part is, there are far more people that would rather you sit at home and do nothing, eat poorly, watch tv, etc.. because they are.  The old saying is true..."Misery loves company".  

So how do you be a leader in inspiration?  Easier said than done, but this is why I challenge you to do it.  Sometimes doing something new or difficult for yourself has a secondary affect on others in your life.  Your daily actions touch more people than you could possibly know, especially using the internet as a conduit to friends and family.

Making a drastic change for the better in your life can have a dramatic affect on others, simply because they know you.  You become the "ray of sunshine" in their life, or the inspiration to them to also make the changes they have been wanting to do for so long.  You may find that rising above the peer pressure and sticking to a goal will pull someone out of their slump to do same.  Starting a new healthy eating program or workout regimen will have friends and family wanting to do it as well.  Not everyone is strong enough to be the leader, but if you can be dedicated for yourself; you may be able to help others find the strength to be dedicated for themselves.  

The people in the following pictures inspire me, because they show up everyday and choose to not live the accepted life.  They challenge themselves everyday with the idea that we can be better.

Be a leader!  Make a goal and stay true to it.  Don't let peer pressure pull you away from you goals, because you are not only letting yourself down but all those silent followers who are using you as a way to get motivated and get their life on track.  Be strong and one day you may hear a story about how you inspired someone to take control of thier life again and be the person they once were.  No longer the person that just accepts the way their life is, because it is too late to change. 
Its never too late to change.  Every moment is a new opportunity to take back control and do something great.  Use this moment to be do something great and be a leader in inspiration :).

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