Watch That First Step

Published September 30, 2014

 Fear is a powerful tool and can keep you from doing just about anything in life if you let it get the better of you. You cant be afraid to take the first step.
I often quote the movie "What about Bob" when speaking to friends and family.  Not sure they are aware of what I am referencing, but it helps me to keep things in perspective.  The quote is..."Baby Steps!"  When you are faced with something you are afraid of or not quite sure how to handle, just think baby steps.  If you can do baby steps then you will eventually accomplish your goal.  Even baby steps are progress, and as long as you are moving forward then nothing can stop you.  
The problem is that everyone, myself included, tends to let excuses, fear of the unknown, and nah sayers get the best of us.  These hurdles are always going to be there, but you have to hang on to what you want and then just keep moving forward.  So why am I talking about this?  The morale of this cluttered conversation is this...If you want something in life for you or your family, you need to make the decision to change what needs to be changed and then simply DO IT!  Quit making excuses about work, family, money, time, etc...  These are the hurdles that will always be there, but if you want it, then go get it.   Excuses get you nowhere in life except on the couch with the rest of the nah sayers who don't want you to succeed b/c they were too weak to get up and make a change.  I applaud those who every day make a decision to do something and then make it happen.  Sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail, but what is the point in never trying. 
Don't be a nah sayer, and dont be afraid of getting the things you want in life, even if they come from baby steps.  Fitness and health is one of the biggest things that we tend to let excuses take over with. If health and fitness are one of your goals, I promise you we can get you there.  Dont be fearful of being sore, trying something new, meeting new people, not being able to do things, or feeling silly.  These are the things that will keep you tired, sick, weak, and unhealthy for the rest of your life.  At some point you have to take that first step and just show up.  Once you are there, a world of opportunity awaits you and then you can begin to realize that you are stronger than you think. Come see what we are all about in a few weeks when we open doors for Roughnecks CrossFit.
"What is defeat? Nothing but education; nothing but the first step to something better." (Wendell Phillips)

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