October Athlete of the Month - Amanda

Published October 13, 2015

The size of a person does not represent the size of fight that person has inside.  Most Roughnecks know Amanda Bastidos.  She’s the member who might be shorter than most, but will RX the heavy WODs and crush gymnastic movements like handstand push-ups, pull-ups and toes-to-bar.  


With her awesome presence in the gym, it’s no surprise that Amanda is a talented and competitive tennis player.  Starting her tennis career at 11, Amanda has grown up with the sport, along with her brother and sister.  They would train 5-6 days a week and play in regional and national United States Tennis Association (USTA) tournaments.  Amanda keeps up with her tennis, and plays as much as she can.  “Whenever I'm not at the gym, I'm out on the courts playing in any one of my three USTA year round adult leagues: Volleying Vixens for women's doubles, Net Assets for mixed doubles, and the Spinderellas for women's singles,” said Amanda of her very busy adult tennis playing career.   


Even though tennis is Amanda’s first love, CrossFit has grown to be a big part of her life.  In 2012, work was taking its toll on her.  Keeping up with tennis was never an issue, but Amanda battled with depression and began unhealthy eating habits.  As with most CrossFit success stories, a friend recommended the ever-athletic Amanda try CrossFit.  She signed up January 1, 2013, with the fear she would be lumped in with the new year’s resolution crowd.  


Amanda stuck around past the new year crowd.  Even though she had gone through a phase of wanting the scale to stay at a low number, she found balance with food and weight at Roughnecks.  Before participating in a paleo challenge at the gym, Amanda’s relationship with food was based around the number on the scale, as it is with most women.  Through CrossFit and learning about fueling her body through a Roughnecks paleo challenge, Amanda dropped ten pounds and achieved some serious gains. “I’ve come to love getting stronger,” Amanda said.  The proof is there, with a back squat of 185 pounds (her favorite movement), a 230 pound deadlift and being comfortable in her clothes, Amanda no longer needs validation from the scale.


With the strength Amanda achieved, her next goal is nailing down her form on the snatch and setting more personal records.  She’s one of the most fearless Roughnecks and gets herself under a heavy bar with a quickness that impresses the coaches and her fellow classmates.  Amanda’s performance during the CrossFit Open workout 15.4 proved her fearlessness under a bar when she cleaned 125 pounds multiple times, as that was her max. Her desire to push and reach new goals is what inspires those around her and is what makes Amanda our October Athlete of the Month.  

What's one piece of advice you would give to someone starting CrossFit?

Stick with program. When I first started I had never lifted weights before and I was really overwhelmed with the complex movements. Heaven knows that I'm still working on my form, but keep pushing yourself. During one of our in-house competitions against another box, Alex said something that still helps me during every workout session, “Worry about the pain later!” Haha you have no idea how many times I’d love to give up during our WODs but that little phrase keeps me going. Thanks Alex :D  

What's your favorite cheat meal?

Jack in the Box tacos!!!

What would be the perfect WOD for Amanda?

A few months ago, Alex created this horribly exhausting WOD that was 10, three minute rounds to complete deadlifts, HSPU, T2B, and burpees. Even though I pretty much died that afternoon, I loved its intensity haha


What does being athlete of the month mean to you?

I am very flattered to have been selected as athlete of the month. CFR is such a great box with tons of people to admire: guys and girls achieving PRs that I can only dream of, your endurance and fight to get the lowest time/max reps, and all around good people. All of you have helped me in some way to get where I am today. I learn by analyzing your perfect forms and taking your advice and suggestions. Thank you coaches and fellow Roughnecks for your support! It’s crazy to remember how excited I was to be able to clean 65 pounds :)


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