July Athlete of the Month - Kristy, a.k.a. Krusty!

Published July 19, 2015


July Athlete of the Month:  Kristy Alexander

Afternoons at CrossFit Roughnecks are much different than mornings.  The mornings are generally more quiet and reserved, being that everyone has just rolled out of bed and have their workday ahead of them.  If you come in the afternoons, then you know Kristy Alexander, avid 4:30 class member, Roughneck strongwoman, caring friend (she’s a lead nurse at M.D. Anderson) and all-around hilarious personality.


Kristy had the typical athletic journey growing up and played team sports like soccer, basketball and volleyball.  Soccer was Kristy’s main sport throughout high school, and her competitive side from this comes out in her WODs and her fight to be better everyday.  


After high school Kristy went off to college at the University of Iowa and had a typical first year experience.  “I totally put on the Freshman 15 [pounds], and therefore, my mom totally got me a personal trainer for Christmas,” Kristy remembers. Because of this, Kristy got into triathlons for the next five or so years, which played well into her competitive nature.  


After moving to Houston and living with Adam Parsons (one of our resident strongmen), Kristy decided to give CrossFit a try.  “He (Adam) always told me that I would love CrossFit, but I resisted.  Finally, I gave in and tried...For my 26th birthday, I bought myself a six-month membership,” Kristy said about finally jumping in and joining Roughnecks. A shoulder surgery sidelined Kristy just after she began CrossFit, but when she came back, that six-month membership Kristy bought herself for her birthday kept her in the gym and moving forward. Kristy believes she would have quit after the first month had she not purchased that six-month membership.


Recently, Kristy has stepped up her game even more.  In April she participated in her first competition, the CrossFit Katy Team Classic with Adam and two friends from another gym.  This was a huge accomplishment for Kristy because one of her fears is box jumps, and box jumps were programmed into the final workout.  Early in her CrossFit career, Kristy had a rather rough run-in with a box and doesn’t feel comfortable with box jumps now, but Kristy conquered the box and did multiple box jumps with ease (and the help of some shin guards) during the competition.  


Not only has Kristy overcome obstacles like box jumps, but she is within one inch of achieving a strict pull-up, a goal she’s had since beginning CrossFit.  Strength and power are Kristy’s bread and butter, but her persistence with double unders (and getting 44 in a row in June) and bodyweight movements have paid off.  With a can-do attitude and hard work ethic displayed every afternoon she’s in the gym, Kristy Alexander is July’s Athlete of the Month.


Getting to know Kristy..


What's one piece of advice you would give to someone starting CrossFit?

Try it more at least three months! That's when it starts getting fun and making sense!  Also just have fun!


What's something interesting people at the gym don't know about you?

I am afraid of dinosaurs!  The dinosaur ride at Disney World makes me cry.  I also don't like animals without legs (except sea mammals, dolphins are sweet).


What's your favorite cheat meal?

PIZZA!  Gotta love a good deep dish!  No where in Houston is that great, but Star does the trick. Also red wine and scotch.  And any kind of cake (I like food a lot!)


What's your favorite movement?  What would be the perfect WOD for Kristy?

Love heavy squats.  If I keep up with the strength workouts, I can steadily up my PRs which is always exciting.  I also like high rep low weight barbell workouts (hang power cleans are fun).  Basically anything barbell and nothing body weight =)


What does being Athlete of the Month mean to you?

It's pretty awesome to be Athlete of the Month at CFR.  It has been my sanctuary over the past two years, truly a safe space.  I hope that I can inspire (sounds cheesy) more people to make CFR their place.  And even though I throw my toddler fits while trying to do dubs, I also think that the gym should be fun, so hopefully, I can make a few people laugh along the way!


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