March 2015 - Veronica Flores

Published May 31, 2015

When you first meet Roughneck Veronica Flores, you’re greeted with a snarky sense of

humor, a genuine smile and a person who always pushes herself during the workout. But

before finding CrossFit Roughnecks, Veronica struggled with her weight and was the girl who

avoided gym class. “I ate too much of the wrong things. I was obese by the time I was 15,”

recalls Veronica about her high school years and early 20s. At 26, Veronica gave birth to her

son, Christopher, and decided it was important to keep up with an energetic toddler. After

reaching 240 pounds, Veronica was ready for a change.


Veronica’s path to a healthy lifestyle began a few blocks from her house at the park where

she would walk the three­quarter mile loop. After incorporating walking and cutting out fried

foods from her diet, she began to feel better and lost weight. Within a year of her lifestyle

change, Veronica added pushups, situps and at­home workout videos. She cut out alcohol,

too, and this helped her drop even more weight. After three years of hard work and discipline,

Veronica had reached her goal weight of 155 pounds.


Not all of life’s greatest successes stand alone. In February 2013, Veronica and her

close­knit family were dealt an incredibly tough blow with the loss of her four­year­old niece.

Although Veronica managed to keep active during this challenging time, her eating and

drinking habits fell back into a negative space.


Veronica’s fitness journey came at a time when life was vulnerable and changes were

needed. By the time Veronica found CrossFit Roughnecks in October of 2013, just eight short

months after losing her niece, she had gained back 30 pounds and was looking for a change.

It wasn’t easy in the beginning; Veronica maintained her bad eating and drinking habits and

almost gave up on her CrossFit journey after only four months. She had drafted an email to

send to Alex cancelling her membership, but didn’t quite have the courage to do so until after

her workout that day. The workout that day was rough and Veronica was finishing last, but

the whole class stayed and cheered her on and pushed her to finish, which ultimately led her

to become the member she is today. Veronica went home, deleted the email and

recommitted herself to her journey and to CrossFit Roughnecks. If you ask her, she’ll tell you

deleting that email is her greatest accomplishment at CrossFit Roughnecks.

In December 2014, Veronica resolved to add clean eating to her healthy regime, and now

says she feels better than she ever has at the start of a new year. She’s down 10 pounds and

sees what a healthy and strong future holds.


Remember that sense of humor and smile mentioned earlier? That’s the stuff that leads to

chalky handprints on your butt and encouragement as she tells you to push yourself to do

“just one more.” Veronica not only attends CrossFit classes, but is always showing up for

yoga. She is participating in the worldwide CrossFit open and pr’ed her clean and jerk during

15.1A. Her spirit and determination are what make Veronica Flores the CrossFit Roughnecks


March Athlete of the Month.


Getting to know Veronica...


How did you get into CrossFit?

By accident­ I was going to workout with a friend and we weren't sure what to do (didn't

want to run) so my friends looked up workouts online and came to a site that had

WODs, we picked one and got busy.  I thought it was fun (It was all body weight) So the next day I looked up Wods and foundout that they were connected to CrossFit so I looked into CrossFit. I went to a few gyms before making Roughnecks my home.


What's one piece of advice you would give to someone starting CrossFit?

Don't quit just because it's hard. CrossFit is going to push you mentally and physically.

Keep showing up to class, even if you have to modify and NEVER complete an RX



What's something interesting people at the gym don't know about you?

When I was 19 I packed up and moved to NYC. No job, very little money and only a

friends place to sleep. I lived there for almost 5 years


What's your favorite cheat meal?

FOOD­ JK Pizza, or a burger and fries yes AND fries

What's your favorite movement? I could say KB because I have them down, but I think

for me it is anything with a squat (cleans, back/front squats, OHS) because of my

mobility issues, these are more of a challenge and I have to really push myself.


What would be the perfect WOD for Veronica?

Anything that involves foam rolling! AHAHAH


What's your greatest accomplishment at CFR?

I'm still here. There was a time about 4 months in that I thought I wanted to quit; I wasn't

sure if CrossFit was for me. I had my email drafted to send to Alex saying I was done. I

went into the gym that afternoon and was having a rough go at the workout. I was, as

usual, the last person working out, and everyone in the class started cheering and

rooting for me to just finish. It was that camaraderie that made me stay.


What does being Athlete of the Month mean to you?

I am honored, I have never considered myself an athlete. I feel like I have accomplished

something I never thought I would. I NEVER thought I would be working out, much less

at a CrossFit gym!


If you have someone you would like to nominate for April Athlete of the Month, message a coach

on Facebook or talk to a coach at the gym.

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